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Challenges, complexity, novelty are all driving forces and not hindrances.

Prima is a master in the business of heavy load transports, which require special planning skills to pick out the most suitable vehicles and the best and safest routes. The complex nature of the transport services we provide each new day demands care for every detail. The merchandise we handle sails the seas, travels roads and flies long routes, often crossing through several countries and various continents.

Prima specializes in planning every detail of your transport: vehicle combination, the best route in terms of distance, terrain conditions, Countries traversed along the way, equipment and staff needed to allow for the displacements and transport means switch-over and the documents that travel along with the goods. Since every heavy load transport is one great adventure and you never know what you’ll find along the way in an advenutre. Prima staff and its Partners have developed a knack for solving any problem and finding hi-tech solutions to any situation that is apparently impossible.

The complexity of a heavy load transport along a route that crosses several Countries demands a detailed knowledge of all the options offered by the available geographical layout and the available transport vehicles. Means and itineraries need to be selected that make it possible to arrive to the destination on schedule, without neglecting safety.

All activities involved in changing transport means must be planned ahead, before departure and the required equipment and staff must be recruited. Every path must be analyzed to allow large-sized and heavy goods to transit. The paperwork required in each Country must be assessed at onset, to ensure there are no unexpected hassles

It’s heavy? Not a problem.

Sailing the sea

Prima’s foundation in maritime transport imbued us with a profound understanding of oceanic dynamics. Leveraging this expertise, we navigate the opportunities and risks inherent in sea-based operations with precision. While the sea serves as a vital conduit between nations, it also harbors hidden dangers. Our unwavering dedication to meticulous planning and execution safeguards against these risks, ensuring the smooth and secure completion of every maritime endeavor.

Flying the sky

Air transport is renowned for its ability to cover vast distances in record time, providing unparalleled speed in global logistics. Prima’s specialization in handling large and massive goods adds complexity to the equation, necessitating a nuanced approach to leverage the benefits of air transportation fully. This requires not only careful consideration but also a high level of expertise to meticulously plan each transport, ensuring the seamless and secure delivery of goods.

Driving the road

Transport by road facilitates the efficient movement of goods over shorter distances, offering flexibility and accessibility to various locations. While air transport enables swift travel over long distances, Prima’s focus on handling large and heavy goods necessitates careful consideration of the optimal approach to leverage these advantages. It requires a high level of expertise to meticulously plan each road transport operation, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of goods.

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The experience and knowledge of our professionals skills is the guarantee of a successful and satisfactory transport. Prima is the professional on transport to make sure that your cargo will arrive at destination as collected at origin. Let’s Prima professionals to work for you.

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