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Towards the future of transport

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Challenges, complexity, innovation are all driving forces and not hindrances.

Sailing the sea

Flying the sky

Driving the road

We are professional to move heavy loads and out of gauge cargo, which require special planning skills to find the most suitable, safe and competitive solutions.

What makes Prima over the top?

A mix of knowledge, capacity, partnerships and professional connections, to grant a first class full service to our Customers.

We have


Tailor-made transport solutions built on 30 years professional knowledge, trust for a reliable service.

We offer


Priority on safety is the key of our commitment and reliability.

We guarantee


First class options and solutions are the standard of our quality service.

Need something more?

The experience and knowledge of our professionals skills is the guarantee of a successful and satisfactory transport. Prima is the professional on transport to make sure that your cargo will arrive at destination as collected at origin. Let’s Prima professionals to work for you.

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