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What makes Prima stand out the most? What makes it the best Partner to transport heavy loads and affords its Customers the reassurance that their goods are in safe hands? A mix of skill, qualities, partnerships and experience, besides an outstanding All-Inclusive Customer Service.

Transport doesn’t start when loading the merchandise to end when it is unloaded at destination: it needs to be packed, lifted, handled and even disassembled at times. Heavy loads require special preparation for them to be transported: they must be packed sturdy, while yet allowing them to be loaded and unloaded off onto various transport means that travel the distance that separates them from the final destination. choosing the type of packing and preparing it to fit transport needs contributes to the overall improvement of the process, which is why prima offers its customers to take care of this step for them. Some goods cannot be transported in a single unit, but need to be disassembled and then re-assembled at arrival; prima has selected the best technical partners to take care of these cumbersome operations for all types of merchandise, to make sure it works when delivered.

Challenges are daily core.


Prima stands as a beacon of reliability, ensuring flawless transport where goods arrive punctually and intact. Customers entrust us with their shipments, knowing that our meticulous attention to detail will preserve their items’ integrity from start to finish. Our commitment to excellence means we handle all logistics with care, allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business with peace of mind. Our dedication extends beyond mere delivery, as we meticulously package each item and manage every aspect.


Prima operates as a cohesive global team, supported by meticulously chosen partners who ensure our strong local presence and oversee every aspect of the transportation process. With their assistance, Prima boasts branches across the globe, enabling us to navigate and conquer every challenge we encounter with unwavering success. Our network of partners not only amplifies our reach but also reinforces our commitment to excellence, facilitating seamless operations and unparalleled service delivery on a global scale.


Navigating transportation challenges, particularly in crossing borders with specific goods, presents complexities. Prima’s expertise lies in understanding customs regulations and standards, fostering enduring global relationships, and simplifying paperwork for clients. We excel in managing intricate transport logistics, solving problems seamlessly, and staying updated on market trends and cutting-edge technologies. This proficiency enables us to offer advanced solutions tailored to our clients.

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The experience and knowledge of our professionals skills is the guarantee of a successful and satisfactory transport. Prima is the professional on transport to make sure that your cargo will arrive at destination as collected at origin. Let’s Prima professionals to work for you.

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