About us

Pietro Casagrande


The Coach, the fellow who coordinates "team-play" to get to touch-down.
"I simply adore challenges, I love to put myself and my colleagues to the test and prove that virtually any target can be aimed for!”

Piera Casagrande

Managing Director

"We make our vast experience available to reach our customer's shipment goals and ensure they are serviced and, quite obviously, satisfied".

Linda Rizzo

Management Assistant

Transporting goods with us is not a plain job-task, it's a whole new journey...
Heavy loads travel "First Class"!

Marzio Giacchè

Commercial Manager

"I have the back-up plan ready here"

Stefano Grisoni

Accounting Manager

"When it comes down to it... you always need to sum things up!"
"If numbers don't add up...I redo the math!"
"I like people who "count"... I'm one of them!"
"Numbers have to add up for me... or they wrack my nerves!"

Massimiliano Bagarotti

Seafreight operationals Manager

"Impossible is nothing to us, every shipment is a hurdle to overcome, always and with the utmost efficiency and timeliness."

Davide Farina

Sales Manager

"In distress we find opportunity"

Roberto Boccato

Airfreight operationals Manager

"The great thing about or job is that when you think you've seen it all, there's always a new challenge around the corner. “

Staff.... at hq

Staff at Chiasso, the essential resources that take care of every detail of transport planning, coordinate the Company's resources around the world and promptly manage any type of last-minute urgency.  The skills and experience of each member contribute to mold a unique and unbeatable team when it comes to solving apparently impossible issues.  Managing a heavy load transport is a complex feat ridden with hurdles; every professional must interface with all Staff to ensure a smoother arrival at destination on schedule and in utter safety. PRIMA Staff's variety of skills and experience are key to take on any challenger with the winning mind-set, a pioneering spirit and craftiness finding solutions and a professional attitude of the highest level. Teamwork helps us reap the best result in all circumstances and to confront any challenge that comes our way.

The team... worldwide

Our success depends on the thousands of people and professionals who work with us every day all over the globe, contributing to make all transported goods reach their destination on time. Each team member is responsible for the job-tasks assigned and is supervised by headquarters in Chiasso, where every detail is constantly monitored. PRIMA has branches in more than 100 countries and can count on over 3,000 qualified employees.

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